Tommy Winfrey

Web Designer/Developer


My education isn't what most people would consider as typical. I learned to code and design in the notorious San Quentin State Prison in a program named The Last Mile. Behind these walls I discovered a passion for making beautiful creations. My prior skills as an artist has contributed to my drive to communicate through visual means. In school I focused on front-end programing and design, a difficult skill considering the lack of access to the internet. But even without resources I thrived graduating with certifications in web design and full-stack programing


I am a self taught artist that discovered my talents while incarcerated. When I was offered the chance to learn coding, I had no idea of the worlds I would discover. Programing led into design and today I am experienced in web design, graphic art, coding, and WordPress development. Experience has shown me that everyone is capable of learning new skills and to not let your surroundings define you.

Years of Incarceration

Hours of Coding/Designing


To Create Beautiful Designs